Higher For Hire artwork (Tale Spin)

While cleaning out my storage shed (where I recently discovered the Lost Ark of the Covenant), I came across a lot of Disney TV Animation papers.  There’s a lot of minutiae, but that’s what fans often thrive on.  So I’ll include all the silly bits and variations.

Storage Wars’ wet dream.

Anyway, here are designs for the interior of Higher for Hire from TALE SPIN.  They are labeled Show 31 (Save the Tiger), but that doesn’t seem right to me.  They look like they’re from the pilot mini-series, Plunder and Lightning, since they show the before and after of Rebecca’s ownership.  The approval stamp is faint, but it looks like the date is March 06 1990.  The initial is “L”… for Larry Latham???

The first is a “rendered” or shaded b/w version of Higher for Hire in its original messy state.

Baloo’s messy office looks eerily similar to MY office!!

And here is Layer #2 of that same scene.

Layer #3 (of debris)

Now here is the same illustration un-rendered.

And finally the “After Rebecca” version (without overlay).  Suitable for Rebecca’s child to play in.

Here it is with the overlay.  [Note:  I would imagine all the artwork was by the same artist, but it’s only the last two drawing that contain a name:  “Kelly Day” (who I later worked with on Goof Troop).