WDW Scrapbook – 11

OK, here’s the Country Bear Jamboree. This attraction is still as WDW, but it closed at Disneyland in 2001. Enjoy this furry feature!

This here is hairy host Henry Bear. He (and Mooshead Max) are voiced by my friend Pete Renoudet. Pete played Mickey Mouse on several of my records. 

Yee-haw!  Take care now, y’hear?

WDW Scrapbook – 9

Right there in Liberty Square is the HALL OF PRESIDENTS. Kind of like Disneyland’s GREAT MOMENTS WITH MR. LINCOLN… but with all the top guys standing around. Funny anecdote: One tourist asked a WDW guide, “Where is the Haunted Hall of the Presidents?”

Stepping out of Liberty Square you come to the docking platform for the Liberty Square Riverboat (a steamwheeler ride with narration by Mark Twain).

Yes, that’s the Haunted Mansion back there. Also, the ferry boat to Tom Sawyer’s Island.
“Paddle faster! They’re gaining on us!”

Aw, a lovely sunset cruise down the Rivers of America. Adios!

WDW Scrapbook – 7

Well, it’s been three years, and I’m finally adding a new entry to this blog. Here are new scans of three pages from my old scrapbook. So, continuing with the Adventureland theme, here is the submarine ride. Unlike Disneyland (with its atomic subs), WDW features the Victorian submersible of Captain Nemo.

Next we have a collection of Jungle Cruise ride photos.

What the heck happened to Eastern Airlines?!?
Yes, you CAN see the backside of water here!

OK, that’s it for now. Tune in tomorrow (or 3 years from now) for the next installment!