WDW Scrapbook – 3

As we enter the Magic Kingdom, we are greeted by a slice of Americana.

WDW'75 Scan-151210-0001.jpg

Here’s a whole dang page.6WDW'75 Scan-151208-0014.jpg

I like this postcard of Mickey on the fire truck, cuz he’s so happy – and the driver is so bored.

WDW'75 Scan-151208-0015.jpg

But the problem got rectified in another photo…

A nice close-up of the hood lettering.

WDW'75 Scan-151208-0022.jpg

And this is a fascinating picture of the town square before it was finished. Looks like gravel roads. This pic is from an article about WDW (Life magazine, I think) before it opened.

WDW'75 Scan-151208-0019.jpg

Same article, I think.

WDW'75 Scan-151210-0006

WDW'75 Scan-151210-0005

He’s got a baton, and he’s not afraid to use it!    (postcard)

WDW'75 Scan-151210-0003.jpg

From a fold-out postcard book.

WDW'75 Scan-151210-0017.jpg

Another fold-out postcard.

WDW'75 Scan-151210-0004.jpg


WDW'75 Scan-151210-0003.jpg

Yo, I’m eatin’ here.

Of course, at the end of the road is Cinderella’s Castle. (3 postcards.)

WDW'75 Scan-151210-0005.jpg

WDW'75 Scan-151210-0006.jpg

WDW'75 Scan-151210-0008.jpg

Yer giant head is blocking my snapshot!

And two more views.

Tomorrow – into Fantasyland.









WDW Scrapbook – 2

Here’s the Magic Kingdom.

WDW'75 Scan-151208-0003 copy.jpg

WDW map guide .jpg

You can get there by boat or monorail!

WDW'75 Scan-151208-0006 copy.jpg

Since some of you may be postcard collectors, I’ll flag the postcards… like this one:WDW'75 Scan-151208-0005.jpg

The entrance to the Magic Kingdom.


Tomorrow: Main Street

WDW Scrapbook – 1

In 1975, I made my first pilgrimage to Walt Disney World. The place had only been open for four years, and it was still teeming with excitement. Being a huge Disney geek, I instantly started a scrapbook of the place when I got home, filling it with postcards, magazine articles, pamphlets, and souvenir books from that time period. Since we’re celebrating WDW’s 45th anniversary next year, here’s a collection of 70’s materials for your enjoyment.


I categorized the scrapbook by park area, white-gluing the materials onto the pages with love and care. I started with an OVERVIEW of the place. (Wait, where’s the MGM/Disney Studios? Where’s Animal Kingdom? Typhoon Lagoon? Pleasure Island???)

WDW'75 Scan-151208-0003.jpg

Here’s a close-up of Scrooge McDuck prophetically welcoming me to the company (the following year, 1976) and encouraging me to write for him in the next decade (Duck Tales). Who knew?

WDW'75 Scan-151208-0004.jpg

WDW map guide .jpg

Of course, I had to include a 1971 Time magazine article about WDW’s opening.

WDW'75 Scan-151208-0006.jpg

WDW'75 Scan-151208-0007.jpg

WDW'75 Scan-151208-0011.jpg

An overview of the resort.

WDW'75 Scan-151208-0012.jpg

Tomorrow we zoom in on the Magic Kingdom. See ya.