Zacherley – Part 3

The NON-Zacherley Zacherley.

Obviously the man beneath the Zacherley make-up had a life outside of monster movies. And like most actors, John Zacherle liked to play other roles.

Time photosMag photo

He did stage shows and print ads. Below we see “family man” John in a July 1962 photoshoot for Calendar magazine.

Zacher Scan-150731-0003

And here is Mr. Zacherle in an article about Child Adoption from August 7, 1960. (Yes, that’s 55 years ago this month.)

Print ad (b:w)


John close-up

In December of 1960, John performed in a TV drama called “Uncle Harry,” which starred “My Favorite Martian”… Ray Walston. It’s interesting that John Zacherle is listed as John “Zacherley,” playing off his TV fame. His role: “a reluctant confidant with appropriate displeasure.”Uncle Harry (color)

Jumping over to the stage, here are some materials from a play John did in August of 1962 at the Shubert Theater in Philadelphia. The play was “La Belle,” and his role was “Ulysses.”  (Anne DiDio went to the preview show, two nights before the play officially opened.)


Zacher Scan-150731-0013

Zacher Scan-150731-0008Zacher Scan-150731-0005

And finally, just for fun, here’s an ad I found online for a Zacherley poster… and also a picture of John (in the DiDio household) posing with that same poster.2e2f5329b6d73c897e49b16b5326cdc5 misc Scan-150120-0003

Part 4 coming soon!

[All of Anne’s photos are (c) Dan DiDio]