About Jymn Magon

I have been working in the animation business for over thirty years.

I got my start with the newly-formed TV animation department at Walt Disney Productions in 1984 where I functioned as the senior creative manager for nearly a decade.

After creating and developing several #1 shows for Disney, I moved on to the freelance world in 1993 where I continue to work for numerous studios in Hollywood and around the world.

2 thoughts on “About Jymn Magon

  1. Thanks for all your brilliant work, Jymn! My sister and I grew up watching Duck Tales every day and just went back through the 5 episodes of the Golden Sun for old times’ sake as a sort of Christmas Break indulgence. Such great writing! Cheers to you for all your great work 🙂


    • I’m so gratified that grown-up kids still enjoy these shows. Treasure of the Golden Suns was an especially fun mini-series to work on, and some of the animation in the final episode is astounding. Thanks for your note. -Jymn-


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