B-Players (part 2)

When last we met on this topic (almost 4 years ago – hem-hem), Len Uhley and I were still trying to hash out the cast. After coming up with a cast list on Aug 18th, 1988, we held another brainstorm session to nail down the main characters. Here are some excerpts from a transcript of that conversation.

  • LU: You got your dog, you got your platypus. You got your not-an-ostrich.
  • JM: My favorite animal, the non-ostrich. 
  • LU: You don’t want Sammy Platypus.
  • JM: I’m not saying I don’t, I just… Look, when we went to sell Rescue Rangers, we had all these characters, and it was a funny lizard and a funny rat, [however] at the head of the whole thing was this macho character called Colt Cheddarson. [Sadly, the reaction from Management was], “Yeah, he’s good, that’s nice,” but it wasn’t like, “Yow! This guy’s gonna be a star!” I just don’t feel like there’s anyone here. I know they’re B-Players, [but] there are no stars here.

Colt Cheddarson and the Rescue Rangers

  • LU: Well, then bestow upon me your wisdom with respect to what the lead should be, and I don’t mean dog or chicken or whatever, but I mean, I’m missing what you feel is missing.
  • JM: Okay, let me put it in terms of Michael Eisner. You’ve been asked to spend $22 million on a series, based on — THIS CHARACTER! [So who is it?]
  • LU: My question, do we need to take an established Disney character, just like we did with Chip ‘n’ Dale?

There it is, folks. The realization that we needed someone BIG who would front the show. But who could it be? We couldn’t use Mickey or Goofy, cuz they were A-Players. We wanted someone vivacious like Roger Rabbit or silly like Bullwinkle J. Moose. But we couldn’t think of anyone like that.

So then we started thinking about comedy teams – Abbott & Costello, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Laurel & Hardy, Laverne & Shirley. One smart, one dumb.


  • JM: Laurel and Hardy and the Honeymooners. You always knew that Stan Laurel and Ed Norton were funnier, but you were never allowed to forget that the other ones were the leads. If you get Roger Rabbit and you get this little platypus nebbish sidekick, what you’ve got is…
  • LU: Two idiots. Maybe we do need to think along the lines of — cat and mouse. Think about it. You have a big, well-meaning sheepdog and you have a slightly more clever cat.

Ah-hah! See where this is going? The door is opening for a bear and a rat!pin68846.jpeg

  • JM: We’re looking for a Rocky and Bullwinkle. Rocky is Jackie Gleason. He’s there;
    he’s the star; he gets top billing, but you know the funny one is the other one.
  • LU: So basically we’re doing Roger Rabbit and Humphrey the Bear. That’s the problem. We’ve got to find a talking Humphrey the Bear.

Hmmm… who could that be???

Anyway, Len and I went on to discuss Hope & Crosby, plus Asterix & Obelisk. Inseparable buddies.


  • JM: When I was working with Mike Post, we created a rock & roll band [called Halyx for Disneyland]. And one of the things that Mike said was, “When you watch the Beatles, there is an instant rapport when two of them sang off the same microphone.” There was a camaraderie there that you couldn’t sell with tons of words; all you had to do was see them. It instantly gets me thinking about the way that Butch and Sundance would jump onto the same horse and ride off. That even though you knew they were completely separate people and would go their separate ways, there was an understanding [between them].

Admittedly, we never achieved that kind of relationship with Baloo and Ricky, but it’s interesting to note that this friendship blossomed later with Baloo and Kit Cloudkicker.

B-Players_Docs_06 (dragged) 1.jpg

Clarabelle Cow

B-Players_Docs_06 (dragged).jpg

She was definitely going to be in the cast.

Let’s continue.

  • LU: Okay, let’s take it down to characters of ours for a sec. Maybe it’s Gusto [Gummi] and Tummi – as different animals, of course.
  • JM: Tummi to me is John Candy in STRIPES. He’s a complete sidebar. He’s not part of a team; he’s funny on his own.
  • LU: That kind of “Let’s go out and do something wild” stuff conforms to what you’re talking about for our lead in this. He’s a little more firmly rooted than Gusto, but not by much.
  • JM: All right, if that’s what you want… Baloo the Bear. You’ve got the big dog thing. Make him a B-Player just the way he is. He’s a perfect B-Player. It’s very much like Roger, “I just want to entertain, I just want to be myself,” you know? He can’t see past that.
  • LU: Okay, let’s use him. That’ll satisfy Eisner. [Then we] create a new character, and he’s playing with Baloo the Bear.
  • JM: [Eisner] will never let us have him.
  • LU: No?
  • JM: Not unless we suggested we do JUNGLE BOOK as a TV thing. God, that would be great.

Wait, isn’t that Tale Spin? Jungle Book in the sky? Ha-ha-ha!

disney personajes parecidos razonables baloo el libro de la selva little john robin hood.png

Seeing double!

  • LU: Okay, you sell it as, it’s Baloo – as a St. Bernard.
  • JM: Yeah, you don’t make it Baloo; you do exactly what they did in ROBIN HOOD. They’re never gonna do Robin Hood as a series. Make him Little John. Same character. And it was Phil Harris doing the [same] voice, and it was the big, fat, dumb bear, you know?
  • LU: He’s be a great B-Player.

Don’t shake those money-makers, or the money will fall out!

  • JM: Remember how [Little John] sweet-talked Prince John, “Hey, PJ. you look beautiful.” and then he’d take the Snake and tie him in a knot. And he’d dress up like a woman and put [coins] down the front of his dress, and when somebody caught him, he’d go into this coy thing and start dancing around. It was that mentality of…
  • LU: Milton Berle.
  • JM: That’s it! Milton Berle starring in the B-Players.
  • LU: That’s right. He’d love that, wouldn’t he? The kind of thing where he’d do anything for a laugh – no shame.
  • JM: Hope and Crosby. Baloo would be Crosby. More laid-back, the bare necessities. He likes things to come easy – never has to work at it. Baloo would go up to a tree and bump it with his hip, and the bananas would fall into his lap. [Or] he would send [Bob] Hope up the tree.

That was the end of that day’s brainstorm session. As you can see, Baloo had fallen into place. Now we had to figure out his sidekick, his buddy, his pal…  And that’s tomorrow.

Excelsior! (is packing material)


Disney Afternews

Here is a 12-page newsletter that was sent out by Buena Vista Television in the Spring of 1990, targeting television syndicates. As you can see, there are viewer numbers, promotional info, and behind-the-scenes articles – including an interview with yours truly.


Afternews '90Afternews '90 Scan-151021-0001 Afternews '90 Scan-151021-0002 Afternews '90 Scan-151021-0003 Afternews '90 Scan-151021-0004Afternews '90 Scan-151021-0005 Afternews '90 Scan-151021-0006 Afternews '90 Scan-151021-0007 Afternews '90 Scan-151021-0008 Afternews '90 Scan-151021-0009 Afternews '90 Scan-151021-0010 Afternews '90 Scan-151021-0011

Jymn: The World Tour

August 28 – September 12, 2015

Next week, Jymn leaves for a whirlwind 2-week trip to Europe, stepping foot in 9 different countries.

  • AUG 30 – Warsaw, POLAND.  Promotional Interviews for the Disney Channel in Poland.
  • AUG 31 – Helsinki, FINLAND.  Meeting with the owners of Gigglebug Entertainment (a studio Jymn is currently writing for).
  • SEP 1 – 3 – Helsinki.  Teaching a 3-day workshop on Animation Writing for the Animatricks Animation Festival.
  • SEP 7 – Lille, FRANCE.  Meeting with Frederic Puech (CoFounder, Executive Producer, & Creative Director of Planetnemo Studio) to prep for Jymn’s involvement with a new series called “Superbuilders” (commissioned by a Chinese media group, Uyoung.)
  • SEP 9 – Barcelona, SPAIN.  Meeting with BRB Internaccional, regarding “Filly,” a series Magon is currently writing on.
  • SEP 10 – Barcelona.  Lecturing on Animation to a class of art students.

D23 EXPO – Part 1

It’s going to take me days to write about this event, and I was only there less than 48 hours! Anyway, the Disney folks have a fan club called D23, and they hold an Expo every two years at the Anaheim Convention Center. This year is was from August 13-16, and the place was packed with Dizzy fans. The event is turning into a regular San Diego ComiCon, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Expo starts turning up EVERY year.


Anyway, this was my first Expo, and I was delighted to attend – as a Guest, no less! Yes, D23 decided to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of A GOOFY MOVIE with a panel presentation in “Stage 28” on Friday night. The other guests were Bill “Goofy” Farmer, Jason “Max” Marsden, Jim “Pete” Cummings, Rob “P.J.” Paulsen, and Jenna “Stacy” Von Oy — and the host was Don Hahn (producer of The Lion King, Beauty & the Beast, and so many other classics).

My call time was 4pm, which was tight for a school day. So Jennie and I yanked our boy Spencer out of class early and raced down to Anaheim. (When I say “raced,” I mean “fought traffic.”) I figured I was going to be late, but we persevered and checked into the Grand Californian at 3:30pm. (I’d never stayed in this beautiful hotel before… so thanks, D23!) I hopped a VIP shuttle and checked in at the Convention Center.

It's good to be the King.
It’s good to be the King.

I legged it upstairs and discovered that I’d arrived at exactly 4pm. WHEW! But I discovered that none of the other guests had shown up yet. There were, however, numerous dancers preparing for a flash mob that would perform that evening at the Panel. These were all talented Disneyland volunteers, and I had the opportunity to video record their rehearsal – Powerline T-shirts and all! Enjoy!


Eventually, the other guests turned up, and it was a crazy reunion, since I hadn’t seen some of these folks in two decades! Here are some photos:

Jason & Bill chat with a dancer.
My best buddy, Tevin Campbell – who I’d never met before!
FLOWERS & FOOD! (l-to-r) Jim Cummings, Don Hahn (behind flowers), Jennifer Farmer (Bill’s wife), Mrs. and Mr. Steve Vagnini.
Jason and his cheese whiz.
The dapper Rob Paulsen – the only one who wore a coat and tie! (That’s Don Hahn in the b.g.)
Jim Cummings tells Don Hahn, “Y’know, I was in the Lion King, too.”
Pre-show. The calm before the storm. Rob, Jim, Jason & Bill.

More tomorrow!!!