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Jymn Magon

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Representation:  NATURAL TALENT INC.

  • (310) 450-4945 / FAX (310) 450-4140
  • 3331 Ocean Park Blvd, Suite #203
    Santa Monica CA 90405  USA

2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi, Jymn

    I was reading your series on Halyx… you didn’t finish it.
    I worked on the show, as I was the production stage manager and was there all summer at least 5 nights a week, calling cues and spots and being the buffer between the crew and the band. it was a fun summer!
    I noticed you mentioned Mike Post but stayed away from Gary Krisel. Just as well, since he didn’t like us Disneyland people.

    Connie Gohata


    • Hi Connie,

      What a treat to hear from you… and how fortuitous. Some folks are putting together a Halyx documentary this month, and I will give them your name (if you don’t mind). I didn’t know anyone on the D/L side of things, so this is great news. Please contact me through FaceBook private message soon!

      Strange to say, but Gary actually started work at Disney at Disneyland!



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