Zacherley – Part 10

Hi, all. I don’t think I posted this before. I just discovered that it was scheduled to post in August, but I don’t think it ever did. So here it is now.

OK, so here’s Famous Monsters of Filmland (thank you, Forry!) #7!

FM 7-1

FM 7-3 (b:w)

FM 7-4 (b:w)

FM 7-5 (b:w)

A close-up of Zach grooming himself in an invisible mirror.

FM 7-5 photo2

FM 7-6 (b:w)

Another fun close-up….

FM 7-6 photo4

FM 7-7 (b:w)

An interesting angle of the set.

FM 7-7 photo1

This photo was also in Anne’s scrapbook. From the poster ad (which Anne ordered!).

FM 7-2 (b:w)

That’s all for issue #7.  Here’s is #15, as pasted in Anne’s scrapbook.

FM 15-1

And here’s the whole cover….


Sorry, I don’t have page 30. Anne didn’t save it.

See you next time in Part 11!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Does anyone know how to get in touch with John Zacherle – or at least direct him to these blogs? I think he’d be interested in copies of his letters to Anne DiDio, which I’d be delighted to share with him.

OK, not a long post today unfortunately. Just a pair of articles.

This first one is from an unknown newspaper. Since it mentions Zach’s show at WABC, this would put the article between 1958 to 1960. It lists John’s age as 40 which would narrow it down between Sep 1958 & Sep 1959. There were only two Friday the 13th’s in that span: Feb 1959 & Mar 1959. So that’s as close as I can get.

Note: Interesting fact about Laurence Olivier!

Article 1 (b:w) Article 2 (b:w).

And an unknown magazine. John is listed as 39 years old here, so this would have been written between Sep 1957 & Sep 1958. Narrowing it further, Zach moved to NYC and started hosting “Shock Theater” there in September of ’58, so this article was probably written before John’s birthday (September 26), and published the following month – sooooo October ’58. (???)

Zacherley article 1 (b:w) Zacherley article 2 (b:w) Mag photo

See ya soon!


Zacherley – Part 5

Howdy folks!

As you know, ol’ Zacherley showed up in Famous Monsters of Filmland numerous times. In fact he was on the cover at least twice (more, if you count some re-use cover art). Anne Didio dutifully cut out the FMoF articles and put them in her scrapbook. So let’s start with Zach’s first article in FMoF #4 (August 1959).

Internet image

[Cover art for reference. Not from Anne’s scrapbook.]

FM 1 (b:w)

FM 2 (b:w)

FM 3 (b:w)

Going to insert a photo here of John Zacherle and some fans on the WABC-TV set of “Zacherley at Large.” Note the same backdrop. Also note, skeleton foot in foreground!

Zach at large front copy

FM 4 (b:w)

I like this close-up.

FM 4 photo

FM 5 (b:w)

FM 6 (b:w)

BTW, thanks for all the support and kind words from my readers. Glad your enjoying these vintage images. Here’s an image sent to me by Tommy Stanziola who wanted you to see Zach with his zines. Thanks, dude!

Tommy Stanziola

FMoF #7 is next.  Take care!