LUNCH WITH DOUG HUTCHINSON (Aug 4, 2015) Yesterday I dined with my college buddy, Doug. We hadn’t seen each other in decades(?), but he hadn’t changed a bit. For you Disney fans out there, Doug is the guy who wrote the Gummi Bears bible as well as numerous episodes for Gummies, Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers and Pooh. Huzzah!

P.S. He was also in my college radio show, “Green Nurd Theater.” Such talent!

3 thoughts on “News

  1. Hi! I saw the Halyx documentary on YouTube. Too bad it never went anywhere other than the live show. I think a Halyx album on Disney Records would have done well! I know they brought in Journey for a couple songs for the Tron s/t. Maybe it could be put out as a “Disney Classic” project, to play on the success of the doc? I know the Tomorrowland movie is going on Disney+ soon. Maybe a band reunion for the 50th anniversary of the park?


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