More City stuff.   First, Radio City Music Hall.

 City Ref 2017-09-22-0023.jpg City Ref 2017-09-22-0024.jpg

I found better renditions of some of this artwork, so I’ve replaced the poorer photocopies with clearer images.  Here is a drawing by Hugh Ferriss. “His rendering of the Hoover Dam is dramatic and abstract, in its depiction of the unusual geometry. If an alien race were to build in large, bold, opaque volumes, Ferriss would be able to capture the essence of those strange beings and their works.


Who remembers Woolworth’s? City Ref 2017-09-22-0026.jpg City Ref 2017-09-22-0027.jpg

Another Ferriss rendering, this time of the Chicago Tribune Tower.


Another another Ferriss piece: The Chanin Building by Sloan&Robertson (1929) is a straightforward skyscraper modeled after the 1922 zoning laws.

:  City Ref 2017-09-22-0031.jpg City Ref 2017-09-22-0032.jpg

OK, there’s one more blog coming about City Reference.  Bye!



More City reference… the stuff that inspired Cape Suzette. (I would live in any one of these sets!)

 City Ref 2017-09-22-0012.jpg

 City Ref 2017-09-22-0013.jpg

The coolest corridor EVER. City Ref 2017-09-22-0014.jpg

Terry Gilliam once used it as a background in one of his wacky animations.


I found a better photo of this movie set than the photocopy, so I’m using it instead.


 City Ref 2017-09-22-0016.jpg

Cityscape from JUST IMAGINE (1930).   Photo instead of poor photocopy.


 City Ref 2017-09-22-0018.jpg

 City Ref 2017-09-22-0019.jpg

City Ref 2017-09-22-0020 City Ref 2017-09-22-0021.jpg

 City Ref 2017-09-22-0022.jpg


Here’s some City Reference for Cape Suzette – most of it from motion picture stills.

I don’t think we ever used an observatory setting, but we should have.

 City Ref 2017-09-22-0001.jpg

Love this set. City Ref 2017-09-22-0002.jpg

Reference for Shere Kahn’s office? City Ref 2017-09-22-0003.jpg City Ref 2017-09-22-0004.jpg City Ref 2017-09-22-0005.jpg City Ref 2017-09-22-0006.jpg

A fun scene from Chaplin’s MODERN TIMES. City Ref 2017-09-22-0007.jpg

Hard to make out… but this is a bathroom. City Ref 2017-09-22-0008.jpg City Ref 2017-09-22-0009.jpg

I’ll bet Rebecca would like to live here. City Ref 2017-09-22-0010.jpg City Ref 2017-09-22-0011.jpg

Just terrific.

More stuff tomorrow.


All right, here are the last of the props. I really love the style of these reference photos. Props Ref 2017-09-22-0018.jpg

One of the reasons I like this time period is because the gadgets were BIG! Today you can blow up the world with the touch of a button, but back in the mid-30’s you had to use giant switches!! Check out the humongous wachamacallit. Props Ref 2017-09-22-0019.jpg Props Ref 2017-09-22-0020.jpg

 Props Ref 2017-09-22-0021.jpg

Some radios to listen to “Danger Woman” on. Props Ref 2017-09-22-0022.jpg Props Ref 2017-09-22-0023.jpg

 Props Ref 2017-09-22-0024.jpg

I remember vacuums like these. Indestructible!!! Props Ref 2017-09-22-0025.jpg

Some brilliant Cape Suzette gizmos. (Artist unknown.) Props Ref 2017-09-22-0026.jpg

 Props Ref 2017-09-22-0027.jpg

That’s it for the props, folks. Next up… CITY REFERENCE!