Red Wings autographs

Hiya folks!

I’ve been cleaning out some old boxes, and I came across an old program from a 1963 Michigan State Fair event. State fairs used to be quite the thing back then, but I don’t think I’ve been to one since the 60’s.


Anyway, there on the front of my program were autographs I received from two hockey stars on the Detroit Red Wings team: Terry Sawchuk and Alex Delvecchio.

Autographs CU-MichStateFair'63Alex played as a center and a wing for the team, and you can see he was a fairly good-looking player.


Terry, on the other hand was the goalie…


… and this was before there were hockey masks. So here’s a photo in which all of his various injuries were portrayed at one time.


The man ended up looking like Frankenstein’s monster with more than 400 stitches on his face. However, he won four Vezina trophies, four Stanley Cups and had a reputation for being tough as nails.

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