MAN from U.N.C.L.E. – 2

More UNCLE photos and articles. [Naturally, I don’t own the copyrights to these images. They’re just here for your amusement.]

I love this article, cuz it stars my fave monster, Boris (William Pratt) Karloff. Story has it that when Boris saw himself after the make-up was applied, he responded:  “Oh, my. I look like a two-dollar whore.” This is from TV Guide Sept 17, 1966. And the show is THE GIRL FROM UNCLE.

Boris 2.jpg

Here’s a close-up of that stairway photo.


Naturally, at some point when actors become big enough stars, it time to roll out an album.Cahn't Sing.jpg

Random photos 4.jpg

And now an article from EMMY magazine.Cloak & Swagger 1.jpgCloak & Swagger 2.jpgCloak & Swagger 3.jpgCloak & Swagger 4.jpg

Au revoir for now. I leave you with these words of wisdom from Napoleon. “Never fly solo… unless you’re me.”

Vaughn portrait.jpg


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