WDW Scrapbook – 6

Sorry for the lapse in posts. Holidays, y’know? OK, here’s Adventureland, Part 1.

Adventureland Scan-151229-0011.jpgAdventureland Scan-151229-0002.jpgAdventureland Scan-151229-0007.jpgAdventureland Scan-151229-0008.jpg

Adventureland Scan-151229-0009

The rest of these are all postcards.

Adventureland Scan-151229-0004.jpgAdventureland Scan-151229-0006.jpgAdventureland Scan-151229-0012.jpgAdventureland Scan-151229-0014.jpg

Wait a sec…. is that Baloo and Louie waiting for me to put them in a TV show? (They’re going to have to wait about 20 years!)Adventureland Scan-151229-0013.jpg




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