WDW Scrapbook – 4

Time for some fantasy.WDW'75 Scan-151210-0002WDW'75 Scan-151210-0003

WDW'75 Scan-151210-0007.jpg

WDW'75 Scan-151210-0004.jpg

WDW'75 Scan-151210-0005.jpg

Big cup of tea? Uh… no thank you. <HURRRP>

Unfortunately, I cannibalized some of the postcards from my scrapbook years ago, so I don’t have a lot to offer today. But the good news is, I have pictures of the Mickey Mouse Revue – an attraction that opened in 1971, then closed on September 14, 1980. Enjoy.

WDW'75 Scan-151210-0004.jpg

WDW'75 Scan-151210-0005.jpg

Three postcards…

WDW'75 Scan-151210-0001.jpg

WDW'75 Scan-151210-0002.jpg

WDW'75 Scan-151210-0003.jpg

Thanks for that psychedelic musical interlude, Alice. And we’re off to Small World tomorrow!



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