Zacherley – Part 10

Hi, all. I don’t think I posted this before. I just discovered that it was scheduled to post in August, but I don’t think it ever did. So here it is now.

OK, so here’s Famous Monsters of Filmland (thank you, Forry!) #7!

FM 7-1

FM 7-3 (b:w)

FM 7-4 (b:w)

FM 7-5 (b:w)

A close-up of Zach grooming himself in an invisible mirror.

FM 7-5 photo2

FM 7-6 (b:w)

Another fun close-up….

FM 7-6 photo4

FM 7-7 (b:w)

An interesting angle of the set.

FM 7-7 photo1

This photo was also in Anne’s scrapbook. From the poster ad (which Anne ordered!).

FM 7-2 (b:w)

That’s all for issue #7.  Here’s is #15, as pasted in Anne’s scrapbook.

FM 15-1

And here’s the whole cover….


Sorry, I don’t have page 30. Anne didn’t save it.

See you next time in Part 11!

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