IMPORTANT NOTE: Does anyone know how to get in touch with John Zacherle – or at least direct him to these blogs? I think he’d be interested in copies of his letters to Anne DiDio, which I’d be delighted to share with him.

OK, not a long post today unfortunately. Just a pair of articles.

This first one is from an unknown newspaper. Since it mentions Zach’s show at WABC, this would put the article between 1958 to 1960. It lists John’s age as 40 which would narrow it down between Sep 1958 & Sep 1959. There were only two Friday the 13th’s in that span: Feb 1959 & Mar 1959. So that’s as close as I can get.

Note: Interesting fact about Laurence Olivier!

Article 1 (b:w) Article 2 (b:w).

And an unknown magazine. John is listed as 39 years old here, so this would have been written between Sep 1957 & Sep 1958. Narrowing it further, Zach moved to NYC and started hosting “Shock Theater” there in September of ’58, so this article was probably written before John’s birthday (September 26), and published the following month – sooooo October ’58. (???)

Zacherley article 1 (b:w) Zacherley article 2 (b:w) Mag photo

See ya soon!


2 thoughts on “ZACHERLEY – Part 6

  1. Jymn,

    I’m a close friend of Zach’s, having known him for over 35 years. Your blog is simply terrific, especially some of the pictures which I have never seen before. Unfortunately John does not own a computer, but I’ll be happy to make copies of all your blogs and give them to him the next time I see him. I am the publisher and editor of Zach’s fan club newsletter “Zacherley At Large,” and the producer of the “Zacherley From The Vaults” dvd series which can be found on ebay. Please feel free to email me at and we can discuss this in greater detail. Thanks again for bringing Anne’s scrapbook to all us Zach fans. I look forward to corresponding with you.

    Paul Russak


    • Thanks for getting in touch, Paul, and for forwarding this info to John. Anne’s book is very special, because they kept up a correspondence for a decade — and it’s always great when a fan becomes a personal friend.


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