Zacherley – Part 4

Today we’re going to look at some events that “Zacherley” attended other than his own TV show.

First stop… the recording studio! Yep, he did a buncha crazy tracks back in the 60’s. Here’s a review from one Nick Kenny of the New York Mirror (Oct 7, 1962).  C’mon, how can you resist such hep wordsmithing that describes the Twist as “an ankle buster” and Jimmy Norman’s record as “a wax hurricane.”Zacher Scan-150810-0001 copy

Here’s a picture of that album cover.


Next is an interesting TV special from 1961. It’s a pre-Halloween show featuring Richard Thomas (loooong before his WALTONS days), Robert Kennedy, and Jack Lescoulie (anyone older than a microwave over will remember him as the host of the TODAY show). Odd casting, but hey… it’s a big UNICEF promo.

Zacher Scan-150731-0009cleanup

A shot of Zach at a teen show. (Sixteen Magazine c.1961) The girls love him.

Zacher Scan-150731-0010cleanup

Behold, Mr. Z making a personal appearance at a fairground or an amusement park in 1968.   I can’t tell if that wooden object is a coffin or not! Zacherley Scan-140621-0002 copy

And here is a close-up.

Zacherley Scan-140621-0003

Zacherley (playing the part of John Zacherle) even showed up at the DiDio household once or twice. Here he is inspecting a fan gift in a yarn fright wig (Sept.1961)

Breakfast party_Sep 4'61_5 copy

See also, the Telethon clipping from Part 2. Zacherley sure got around.

Next installment…. Zach in Famous Monsters of Filmland!

Hasta.   -Jymn-

[All of Anne’s photos are (c) Dan DiDio]


4 thoughts on “Zacherley – Part 4

  1. This, as well as the preceding parts of your fantastic Zach blog, are pure hairy eyeball candy, for all us Zach-o-maniacs, Jymn…!!!! …..We are all waiting patiently for Part 5, of Zach, in Famous Monsters!…..Thank you so much, “Whatever You Are!” HahaHahAhHAhahaaa

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanx so much, Jymn…..!!
      ……this is great!
      …..Zach also was fortunate to interview some VERY big Rock n’ Roll Luminaries!!!
      …….I hope there will be a part that features Zach’s DJ Daze!
      Stay scared, Jymn!!!!
      Best Regards,
      Tommy “Diablo” Stanziola


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