Zacherley – Part 2

As I mentioned in my previous blog installment, Ann DiDio and John Zacherle corresponded for a decade. Today, let’s start with some letterheads used by “Zacherley.”

Bloody Bat

The Bloody Bat

Letter 1 copy

Zach’s New York television station in 1960.

A self-portrait?

A self-portrait? (1960)

Now for some more clippings:

Hilarity (b:w) copy

TV Guide 6/10/1960

Good for Kiddies (color)

Zacherley Scan-140621-0005

Flip side (color)

Here’s what that 1960 record looked like:


BELOW: I’m not sure who Barbara is (probably a friend of Anne’s), but here’s a nice promo photo from Elektra Records.

Zacherley Scan-140621-0008

And an article from Jan 1961. Bargain City, no less. (Wonder what that gig paid.)

Bargain City (color)

Now we’ll close with a clipping of Zach at a telethon with TV host Dennis James and singer Julius La Rosa. (Looks like Zacherley is outperforming BOTH of them.)

Telethon (b:w)


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