Just a quick comment on the English language.

I was following a moving truck yesterday, and the company’s slogan was spread across the back doors: “We treat your home as if it were our own.” OK, nice sentiment. A little rhyming even. Then I thought, “This sounds right… but it isn’t.” The noun/verb agreement doesn’t match. “Home” is singular, so the correct verb is “was.” It made me think, when did “were” become acceptable in our language? It doesn’t sound wrong – but it is. You wouldn’t say, “Your home were on fire yesterday.”

Taking this a step further, wouldn’t the moving company want to a have a more immediate connection with the customer? Why choose the past tense? Shouldn’t they be striving for “We treat your home as if it is our own?” Sounds weird, I know – but I’m just sayin’.

One thought on “Were/Was

  1. It is bad people can’t use grammar correctly any more. In Italy, for example, young people are totally ignoring grammar rules and spelling. In certain cases, they use characters that are not allowed in Italian, such as the letter “K”. Hopefully I haven’t committed any spelling errors here 🙂

    Funny, I remember how they have translated the “Adventures of the Gummi bears” in very fine, well pronounced Italian!


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