Tale Spin Storyboards

One of the great joys of working for Disney was being surrounded with really gifted people… like great storyboard artists.  Here is a collection of panel blow-ups from the first Tale Spin adventure, “I Only Have Ice For You” (written by Don Rosa).  I’m sorry that I don’t know the board artist on this, but I hope someone will offer me the information at some point.  Note the detail and the posing and the expressions.  Great visual storytelling.Image





Just to drive the point home, compare this 2-character shot from Filmation’s ‘Zorro’ with this one from TS.  (This is no attack on the Zorro artist; this was simply the norm at one time.)

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4 thoughts on “Tale Spin Storyboards

  1. If I remember correctly…Didn’t Don Rosa say he did some of the storyboards for the episodes he wrote? So he may be the artist there?!
    In any case, these modelsheets are awesome! I love their “roughness” and they have a “mature” style, when compared to the final “cute” style of the episode!


  2. Thank you for posting this. It’s great to get to see the process behind great cartoons like these. I am from India and the only time I got to see Disney cartoons in my childhood (late 90s) was at 6 in the evening. There was a show called “Disney Hour,” which we all used to wait for and never miss. It was magic!


  3. Wow! 24 years passed like a second! Great memories from my childhood, although my all-time favourite remains The Adventure of the Gummy Bears, which also bares the magic touch of Mr. Magon! Thanks to these shows, Disney returned from zero to 100% in those days!


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