Goofy Hayley

I don’t know why this is, but publications seemed to want to promote Hayley Mills as a “goofy gal” back in the sixties.  Perhaps it was her puckish movie roles, but somehow photographers wanted to escalate her persona into “wacky!”  Check out these ridiculous poses that got published.  Sheesh.

Thanks, Life Magazine, for these glamorous poses.

b604af08746a97eb95af1b7c7587c51f m246a5664c4a900f60fd8f4e

Who’s into nose-picking?

Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 11.12.49 AM

You’re doing it wrong.


Could you make her look frumpier?


And what’s sexier than a bass drum and a sombrero?

I'd bang that cbe12c1f32010f5e6d

Yeah, real attractive.


And finally, from the “Ooooh” collection….

11f9829febfcf16ddfad855a4e5f1d61 Ooooh

Seriously, my gal is cute as a button – so let’s make her look that way, ok, guys?!  We need more pictures like this:

Two for the price of one!

Two for the price of one!


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