Howard Lowery Gallery


Back in the 90’s (if you couldn’t fly your sorry butt to Christie’s or Sotheby’s art auctions in Europe) a rare and wonderful animation treat was Howard Lowery Gallery in Burbank.  This was a hop, step and jump from the Disney Studio, and the gallery was always full of fun stuff.  Howard had original comic art and cel animation and Disneyland posters and figurines and collectibles and books and… well, you get the picture.  (There was even a professional framer on the premises.)  It was an ever-changing treasure trove just tailored to toon geeks like me.  At any given time you’d run into collectors, artists, film buffs, or Disney animators in there!  Not only was Howard extremely knowledgeable about collectibles, but he also married a Disney archivist (my good friend) Paula Sigman.  Between them, they had the Disney thang covered.

The place was really hoppin’ when an auction came along, because there were tons of artwork on display.  But Howard threw some book signings and special events, as well.  One of these was the “Fantasia Fanfare” which Paula remembers as “probably 1993.”  It was the introduction of the FANTASIA Classics Collection set of figures.  Here’s Howard at the display case.

Another angle on the display case – this time with Paula.

One of the guests there was old friend and Disney artist-ambassador, Stacia Martin.

Always let you pencil be your guide.

Another guest was Disney TV Animation writer turned book author, Bruce Talkington – signing his work.

"I do NOT look like Professor Nimnul!.... OK, I do."

Philo Barnhart and Ron Dias

And finally some Disney artists.  (Paula, help me out here.   Ron? & Phillip?)

[Photos taken by Jymn Magon, er, me.]


4 thoughts on “Howard Lowery Gallery

  1. Hello, my friend. Old memories and good times, indeed. Annie had fun looking at those photos from before she was born.

    I believe that’s artist/animator Diana Wakeman with Bruce Talkington — she was signing the Winnie the Pooh books that she illustrated. And yes, from L-R signing their books are Disney artists Philo Barnhart and Ron Dias.

    Although Howard’s gallery no longer exists as a physical storefront and live auction venue, you can still stop by his virtual shop. He offers weekly auctions of animation art and related items through via his website,


  2. Oops, forgot to mention that in the photo with Howard you can also spot Disney Legend (animator/Imagineer) Bill Justice standing at the back. You knew Bill–he was Chip an’ Dale’s chief animator!


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