Tale Spin Merchandise

While TALE SPIN was a #1 show for Disney (and a fan favorite), I always felt like someone (at some corporate level higher than me) decided that the show wasn’t worth promoting.  Oh, sure, there were all the standard TV ads & teasers that every show gets – but from a merchandising standpoint, Tale Spin (like Gummi Bears) was a fizzle.  I think there was a video game, a board game, a card game, one large Baloo figure, a couple toy planes, a short-lived comic book series… and that was about it.

Plus this breakthrough branding brainstorm... a rubber stamp!

Nothing well thought out.  Just a “slap the logo on that notepad and ship it out” mentality.  Alas.

But now Disney Vinylmation is releasing a whole slew of animated characters (all based on the Mickey Mouse figure), and a new 2-pack includes Kit Cloudkicker and Baloo!!!  This is truly amazing, because Disney has never dug back into its TV archives to dredge up vintage shows for mechandising purposes.  So this is a special treat.  Check it out here at the Tale Spin Source site:  Vinylmation available online on February 25th! © TaleSpin

"I'm Pixie!" "And I'm Dixie!"

It looks to be an “online only” offer – plus it’s ridiculously expensive for a pair of small vinyl figures.  However, we have to encourage Disney to keep these classic shows alive.  (And remember – every time you buy merchandise based on a show I helped create, I get…….ZERO dollars.)

Pull chocks!


P.S.  A tip of the Hatlo Hat to Steve Stan for the Vinylmation info.  Steve Stan


4 thoughts on “Tale Spin Merchandise

  1. Cool Jymn, thanks for the backlink! 🙂

    Well it’s true that TaleSpin and Gummi Bears didn’t get so many merchandise, but I think most Disney Afternoon shows didn’t get more either. (even though it was deserved)

    TaleSpin got 3 different video games actually : http://www.animationsource.org/talespin/en/custom/&id_film=9&nump=1340
    Unfortunately, none of them is very good (which could prove your point though, because the other shows did get better games, the NES versions of Ducktales, Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck are pretty famous among gamers)

    It’s more the total lack of support for these shows AFTER they stopped airing that annoys me the most. They were SO successful and popular, and they stopped abruptly all support. (something that would NEVER happen nowadays, when they want to milk every licence until death)

    The 90’s animated films are still well known nowadays, and they’re releasing tons of merchandise for them, but they didn’t do anything for their series since then. EXCEPT the new Boom Studios comics and these vinylmations. Better late than never, eh?? I hope these are the signs of even greater things to come 🙂

    Oh and sorry Jymn, you would deserve getting paid a small percent for this. I really hope you get to write comics for Boom Studios if they ever decide to write TaleSpin comics.


  2. Boom! has been very slow in getting back to me, but maybe that’s just how they operate. I, too, would like to revisit the Tale Spin universe. I still have some episode ideas that I think would be fun.

    And, yes, Disney dropped the ball on these shows. Look at SCOOBY DOO – Hanna-Barbera never let that franchise die, and it has paid them back many times over during the passing decades. But Disney (who likes to drag its classic films out of the vault over and over) doesn’t feel the need to breathe new life into those Disney Afternoon classics. (Look at YOGI and SMURFS going to the big screen. Wouldn’t it be great to have a TALE SPIN film!) (Of course, they’d never call Mark or me to write the screenplay.)


  3. I remember going to a Disney Store circa ’95 (at a prominent location mind you) and I could NOT find ANY merchandise pertaining to the Disney Afternoon at all. DuckTales was still in regular rotation on afternoon TV back then. I couldn’t believe it… I think that was about when I stopped paying attention to Disney in general.

    I always believed that creative works have a sort of “prudent value” that’s beyond the actual $X amount paid for by a client such as a network. Like how there were still Star Trek fan conventions five to ten years after CBS made their advertising revenue off of new episodes of the original series.

    I think with TaleSpin, Disney could have cornered off a segment of American anime market for themselves right before anime started to become really popular in America. Instead they started chasing what everyone else was doing, it seems. Shows like that could carry more mature storylines very well, kind of like Fullmetal Alchemist.

    But it’s amusing how you used the word “vintage” to describe these shows… I still remember when they were brand new. I’ve only recently noticed how the animation style is now starting to look “old school” compared to animation techniques and CGI of today.


    • Thanks for the thoughts, Kit. Yes, you have to look long and hard to find anything to do with the Disney Afternoon… and I’m talking about back when it was still on the air 25 years ago!! Nothin’ then, nothin’ now. It’s like the only pulse that Disney has its finger on is the pre-teen “Hanna Montana” crowd. Don’t get me wrong – I like a lot of these pre-teen sitcoms. But there are Hannah backpacks, Camp Shlock t-shirts, Zeke and Barfer bobble-heads. Gimme a break! Where were these merchandising wizards Back When? ….. Sorry, I’m off to take my meds now. -jm-


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