Gummi photo

I’ve been going through a bunch of Gummi papers, getting ready for the webinar on Saturday, and I stumbled across this photo.  It is a frame capture from a project labeled “Gummies video.”  Since I have no recollection of a tape by that name, this is now a new Scooby Doo mystery to be solved!!!  I’ve got to find this piece of nostalgia!

Spot the serious writer.

Anyway, the photo is of Len Uhley (forever in a sport coat) and me (in the Beatles sweat shirt).  I hired Len back in 1985 at the recommendation of actor Michael Rye (Duke Igthorn, King Gregor), and it worked out great.  Len wrote for years on Disney projects!  And by the way, Len just called and said he is going to join us for the Gummi Reunion.  Yay!

Back to the mystery.  We had a machine at TV Animation that allowed us to get thermal prints of frames from video (thus the poor quality).  Now we didn’t get this gizmo until the Disney Afternoon days, methinks.  And looking at the photo, I see several Winnie the Pooh dolls in the background.  Again, we didn’t do a Pooh show until 1987 or so.  And there’s a couch and a storyboard – all things we didn’t have at TV animation early on.  (If memory serves, we had desks made out of cardboard boxes, lighting by candles, and phones made from string and soup cans.)   So I’m thinking this video is NOT from the Gummi days.  (Frustrating, eh?)

OK, one other tidbit.  This is an ad from a 1987 Italian comic book, selling Gummi video tapes!

Scussi scussi. Bouncy bouncy.

Have a day!


P.S.  I just figured out how to get tons of hits on this blog.  Ready?… Lindsay Lohan Kardashian Pam Anderson breasts porn marijuana tea party Justin Beiber Harry Potter nude sex Dancing with the Stars iPad Star Wars bongos dirt small rocks paper nose hair… okay, I ran out of ideas.


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