Disneyland Details – Adventureland

What's the difference between girl snakes and boy snakes? ~~ Boys snake stand up to hiss.

Picking up from yesterday, we now mosey into Adventureland.  And what better place to start than the name synonymous with adventure:  Indiana Jones!  I want this 4 headed serpent statue for my backyard so I can put marigolds in it!  EXOTIC, huh?!

While a lot of the newer attractions seem shoe-horned into the park (like those Disney characters showing up in Small World!), Indy fits Adventureland like a glove.  The temple, the exotic carvings, the moss, everything.  Great job.





Next up… some delicious knick-knakcs (or knickity-knacks, as Don Karnage would say) inside the Indy ride.  (Note bullwhip in lower left corner.)












Above the Bazaar (Bizarre?) across from the Jungle Cruise Ride is a whole world we never see.  It looks like people live up there, but we never see ’em.  Y’know, the kind of folks that go in and out of Rick’s Cafe Americain.  (Please don’t tell me they use the space upstairs to store boxes and Christmas ornaments.)

Look, a horsey!









Here’s someone else’s upstair apartment – complete with wicker bird cage.  (Alas, no wicker bird.  It moved in with the Wicker Man.)

A nice place to eat porched eggs.

Where Bing Chandler lives nowadays.

A study in shadows. (Artsy!)

Another fiendish thingie.













More-Than-You-Need-To-Know Department:  I have relatives named Chandler.

A ship in tree. Shiver me timbers.







I really wanna meet the folks who live here.  You know they don’t shop at Wal-Mart.

"Two of his for one of yours."





“Are you out of your gourd?!”  Meaning:  What this heck is this thing?  All entries must be postmarked no later than February 30th, 1943.




I know I harped about this earlier – namely the revamping of classic attaractions.  But there’s enough of the old Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse left to appease me when I walk through “Tarzan’s” abode.





And finally, some skulls.  Why?  Because we LIKE you!  S-K-U-L-L.



In time for the holidays – Jack Skullington.  (What horrible captions I’m doing!  Maybe I could get a job at Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine!)

A strange crucifix



Well, that’s all for today, kidderoonies!  Check in tomorrow for…FRONTIERLAND!

Unca Jymnie

When decorating, you can never have too many skulls.


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