Disneyland Details – Critter Country

Back in May I ran a few photos that focused on small design details at Disneyland.  So today, for no particular reason, I’m going to post some more.  So there.  These were taken in January of 2008.

”]Let’s start in Bear Country or Critter Country or Briar Patch or How-Come-There’s-A-Whole-Section-of-The-Park -Devoted-to-a-Movie-That-Disney-Never-Shows-Anymore? Country.


Here’s a “Wind in the Willows” homage at the Pooh Ride.  (I’m assuming so, since none of the Pooh characters lived in a house like this – and I don’t think it’s anything from “Song of the South.”)

Next, a cupola atop Splash Mountain.  I like cupolas, even though they are built nowadays for show and not for practicality.  You can’t climb up inside ’em anymore.  (However, the cupola atop the Haunted Mansion is real; you CAN go up and look out of it.  I know.  I’ve done it!  But that’s another story.)

Francis Ford's cupola





Now a couple of pieces of art devoted to Br’er Rabbit.  Hey there!

How do you do?

Fine, how are you?


This section of the part which is devoted to furry little critters like Br’er Rabbit and Pooh is cute and all, but how many of you miss Bear Country?!  Country Bear Jamboree was far superior to that dumb Pooh ride.  And I want the Mile Long Bar back.


I’m not sure why, but I’m fascinated by lamps and lanterns.  I can’t resist taking photos of unique designs.  Here are three different ones all in one place.

A lamp unto my head.

I took this while traveling on the train ride.  If I’m not mistaken this is at the New Orleans Square station.

It's a thingie. A fiendish train thin

This, as well.  Look at the lathe work and cut-out shapes.  This little section would take me over a month to make!

Detail of sign edge.

OK, that’s all for today.  Tomorrow I hope to post ADVENTURELAND.



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