Disney TV Animation pins

Here’s something light and breezy – some pins I’ve collected over the years.  Some are “in-house” pins, while others were store bought.   (I scanned these pins, but since some are not flat, the edges may be blurry.)

First up…  Goof Troop (a show I developed, pitched and story-edited.)  This was the next to last series I did for Disney.

Goofy plus Max plus teeth.

Following the popularity of Goof Troop, we aged up Max and put him (& Goof) in “The Goofy Movie.”   This was my first feature film.  Hard to believe that was 15 years ago!  It’s still holds up, however.  (If it didn’t, then we’d change the name to “The Dippy Dawg Movie”)  This pin was store-bought.

Bigfoot and Bigdope

Here’s a pin promoting the Video Sales.  (It’s about 1.5″ x 2.5″)  Wasn’t this once a poster???

Roxanne… Disney’s gift to furries.

And this little gem is not technically the Goofy Movie, but it’s Goofy “Film”…. close enough, eh?  (I bought this off a rack at Disneyland, I think.)

I’m union! When’s my break?!

Now a little “Darkwing Duck” action.  I wasn’t really involved in this series except for the pilot episodes.  This was Tad Stones’ baby.  (Not many people know this, but the pilot movie was once planned as a musical.  Two of the songwriters considered:  Jerry Herman of “La Cage aux Folles” fame and Barry Manilow.  The mind boggles.)

Let’s get dangerous!

Plus “Rescue Rangers.”   (“Sometimes, some crimes go slippin’ thru the cracks.”)  Tad and I developed this winner.  He did all the clever drawings, and I took all the naps.

Screw them… where’s Gadget?!

I wrote and story edited on “Duck Tales,” but not the single episodes so much.  (That was Tedd and Patsy.)  Mainly the 4 and 5 part mini-series (movies) like “Treasure of the Golden Suns” and “Gizmo-Duck” and “Bubba-Duck”.

And a tip of the Hatlo hat to Carl Barks!

BELOW: Whoa, this scan came out badly.  That’s cuz it’s multi-layered (like a roulette wheel).  This pin celebrates the First Season of the Disney Afternoon which was a 2-hour block featuring Gummi Bears, Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers, and Tale Spin.  (I remember when I saw my name on all four episodes in a single day!)


Last but not least, my fave… TALE SPIN.  Mark Zaslove and I created this series when B-PLAYERS was shot down.  I wish we could’ve gone 100 episodes like Duck Tales with this one.  (“Pull chocks!”)

“I’m gone, baby. Real gone.”

“Why is it these promotional peoples do not ever get my name correct? I should bring ‘karnage’ down upon their unwashed ears, yes-no?”


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