Disney Music Company Dinner – WDW

[NOTE:  Here is another blog that I did on my Mac website way back when (Sep 10, 2008, to be exact).  So enjoy.]

This is a real quick and dirty posting, cuz I haven’t scanned all the pix and I don’t have all the info at my finger tips.  But here goes.  Back in Sept 1983 the Walt Disney Music Company had experienced a PARTICULARLY good year (thanks to the huge sales of “Mickey Mouse Disco”).  And so the annual sales meeting (which was usually held in our Burbank offices) was transported to Walt Disney World.  All the regional salesmen, the Burbank execs, and me (as record producer) flew to Orlando.  (I’m not sure the Mouse sprung for all our families’ costs, but most of us brought our fams anyway.)

Although the sales meetings ran all day long in a large conference room, we all found plenty of time to visit the theme parks… especially in

the evening when we all ate together.  This restaurant was “Les Chefs de France” in the France section at World Showcase.  We ate and chatted (and sang!) until the wee hours.  So late, in fact, that the Park was closed by the time we were done.  So a bus was sent to “escort” us out.

Lemme take a stab at the folks in the above photo.  Left to right:  Unknown, Virginia Beach, her husband Sandy Beach (our Southeast Sales Rep), Joanne Medora, Mrs. Roberg? (behind Anne’s head), Ron Roberg (Sales Rep), Bill Rudolph (???), Nancy Rahnasto, and standing, Phil Miles (maybe).

Below is a photo showing Gary Krisel (President of WDMusic Co.) chatting with Nancy Rahnasto who’s wearing one of our promotional “Mousercise” album T-shirts. ……………………..(More fotos to come!)


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