Con etiquette

Hi, gang.  I’m presently at the San Diego Comic-Con, and I’m always overwhelmed by the daunting number of carbon-based oxygen-breathers all in one place!  Yes, there’s a mountain of people, and it’s crowded, and everyone’s tired… but it doesn’t mean ya gotta forget yer a human being.  Here’s a greeb I was reminded of today….  Conventions centers NEVER put out enough tables for folks to sit down and eat their over-priced con food, but if everyone eats and leaves, it all sorta works out.  However, some upright primates mess up the system.

comicbookguySo this is a shout-out to all those people who think the dining area is their private rest area…. MOVE ON!  There are mothers with small hungry children sitting on the cement, while self-absorbed fanboys (with no food in front of ’em) thumb through their freebies.  Take a hike, lazy lifeforms!

Thank you.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Con etiquette

  1. You’re going to Comic Con? Then you should be able to “contact” the Boom! Studios staff directly on their booth? (I believe Tad Stones is there today or tomorrow)


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