Disneyland Details

[NOTE:  I created this blog a loooong time ago [Oct 26, 2007] on a different blog site, but I’m now shifting it over to WordPress.  It’s feeble, but hey.]

Who doesn’t love Disneyland? (Other than Disney employees, that is.) It’s a terrific tourist attraction. The Mother of all Theme Parks. Known for its big attractions and dazzling spectacles.

But what catches my fancy are the little things. The details. The care that went into the choice of a lantern or a facade decoration. These show the real “care” and inspiration to me.

So while others are craning their necks to see a parade or a costumed character, I’m taking pictures of signs and gargoyles and molding — the architectural details that often go unnoticed. Therefore, to start my first blog entry, let me present some photos for your approval.

1. Here is the sign you see to your right when you exit the Pirates of the Caribbean.  “Pieces of Eight” is, of course, the pirate store.  (Notice I didn’t say “Arrrrrrrrh”?)

2. This little carved valentine is on the trunk of the tree fort on Tom Sawyer’s Island (now turned into a pirate island).  It kind of makes me sad that Huck’s moniker is carved on the opposite side of the fake tree, all by itself.

3. And finally, a detail on one of the turrets on Sleeping Beauty’s castle.  Dang, I wish I could climb up there and look around!  (I’ve been to the top of the Haunted Mansion and the highest tower inside the Pirates ride.)

Anyhow, this is my first posting.  I will add more later.


Avery Goode (Jymn)


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